About us

Creating the Project

The project was founded April 14, 2012 and was originally submitted to articles on a private website. Later, on 28 June 2012, the day of one of the most important festivals in Serbia - Vidovdan - a group of the same name on the social network Vkontakte was added to a project, and then - on Facebook. 19 October 2012. the project included a group Vkontakte "Learning Serbian / Russian together :)."

Our geography

Since its foundation until 12/09/2012, the activities of the project was carried out on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the countries that made up the now-defunct state of Yugoslavia: it is Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. According to the decision ballot of 09/12/2012, at the scope of the project has entered Bulgaria.

The official languages of the project

Up to 09.12.2012 - Russian, Serbian (recommended Serbian Cyrillic alphabet).

From 09.12.2012 - Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian.

Project Goals and Objectives

To familiarize participants with the history, culture, traditions of the Balkans, to establish friendly ties with our brotherly nations, to try to revive at least tolerating each other inhabitants of the former republics of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

The obscene language, promotion ethnic strife and nationalism in any form, harassment of participants is prohibited in communication in all sections of the project.

Familiarize the citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, especially young people, with the language, culture, literature, music, sports and other features of everyday life of the inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria, as well as introduction to the history of the region. To this end, the project management uses texts, photos, video and audio material, opens up discussion and readers and subscribers with a variety of documents.