Croatia will accept the first Russian Regatta  23.09.2013 06:00

The organizers of the regatta are the company of the Russian Federation, which sells yachts worldwide, and companies which operate charter flights.

Food in Serbia is more expensive than in Slovenia 12.04.2013 00:26

Comparing prices of certain food items in Serbia and Slovenia showed that 10 of 19 ingredients in Slovenia are cheaper on average by 10 percent than in Serbia, according to the Consumer Association of Serbia (APOS).

Izetbegovic: Bosnians have reason to remember Thatcher as a friend 10.04.2013 00:32

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegovic is now enrolled in the Book of Condolences which is opened at the British Embassy on the occasion of the death of former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher.

Montenegrin electoral commission confirmed the Vujanovic victory 09.04.2013 01:13

The winner of Sunday's vote was named acting president Filip Vujanovic, but its only rival, the leader of the "Democratic Front" Miodrag Lekic did not recognize defeat, accusing the ruling forces of rigging the vote.

SASA wants to continue the dialogue about Kosovo 08.04.2013 01:37

Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences is committed to continue negotiations about Kosovo and to achieve an equitable solution, - the president of SASA Hajdin said today.

Hashim Thaci has led to the highest readiness police special forces of Kosovo ROSU 07.04.2013 01:05

If Belgrade does not sign an agreement with Pristina, Albanian force will drive out Serbs north of Kosovo and in the enclaves.

Salmonella outbreak declared in Leskovac kindergarten 04.04.2013 01:17

Today was confirmed that Epidemiological Institute of Public Health in Leskovac reported outbreaks of salmonellosis in preschool "Vukica Mitrovic".

Drina flooded the Bogatic region 03.04.2013 01:12

The Drina flooded today in the area of the municipality Bogatic in Serbia, at the confluence of the Sava River, and sank about 500 acres of agricultural land.

"March of books" has been started in Bulgaria 02.04.2013 01:37

As recent research in the world and in Bulgaria, there is a widespread decline in the reading culture especially for children and students.

Croatia will introduce visas for Russians from April 1 31.03.2013 17:35

Prior to July 1, 2013 the Russians, who have a valid Schengen visa, will be able to vizit Croatia.

Vanga's house in Rupite will be opened for visitors 29.03.2013 05:00

After 16 and a half years after the death of Bulgarian prophetess Vanga her things in the house in the locality Rupite became the property of the community Petrich. Commission arrived at the head of the governor of Blagoevgrad Kostadin Khadzhiev will distrain things Vanga, of which 70 valuable icons, paintings of famous Bulgarian artists, tapestries, dolls and other household items, which were used by the prophetess.

It is unknown when the water comes to the north of Kosovska Mitrovica 28.03.2013 00:47

The inhabitants of the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica and Zvecan three days without drinking water, and it is uncertain when this problem will be solved, said the Director of "Water Ibar" Vladimir Rakic.

The bacteria produce electricity from garbage 27.03.2013 02:38

Bacteria show great potential for creating biobaterija in which the electricity was generated by digestion of domestic or agricultural waste.

Bulgaria declared a "yellow code" due to heavy rainfall 26.03.2013 02:20

Dangerous weather conditions are expected mainly in the south of Bulgaria.

Today Bulgaria celebrates the Annunciation 25.03.2013 02:42

This Christian holiday associated with the good news of Christ's birth. In Bulgaria, the holiday is celebrated and additional rituals left over from pagan times.

Serbia climbed to one position in the FIFA rankings 28.02.2013 23:16

Serbia's national football team climbed to one position with 657 points and now it's located on the 35th place at the renewed rating list FIFA.